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Ultimate SEO Guide for 2014 and beyond

While Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing, the recommendations on how to optimize your content are consistent.  In short, stop worrying about what the search engines think and worry more about how your visitor receives your content. We will get to this subject later in the post.

If you are stumbling onto this blog and wondering what my SEO credentials are: I teach this stuff at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program and I also rank #1 in Google for the term “Search Engine Optimization Expert“. Despite a long successful career in SEO, which involves delivering results for my clients; my recommendations are to focus less on search engine manipulation and more on better content marketing tactics… but again, we will get into that subject later in the guide.  In this post I will cover the following:

  1. What is a Search Engine? (and how it works)
  2. Factors to increasing your Search Engine Authority
  3. Tools & Tactics for result oriented SEO efforts
  4. On-Page SEO
  5. Link building Tips
  6. Cleanup if you have been spammy in the past

Lets begin…

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Send social media posts later with L8TR

Schedule social media posts to send later with L8TR

Create a message - L8TR

Schedule sending social messages with

Timing is everything!  This is doubly true with social media marketing and placing your message in-front of your audience at times they are consuming it.

Send from multiple social media platforms

Choose from Facebook or Twitter to send a customized message to each platform in one action.  This intuitive system will give you multiple input areas if you exceed the number of characters for twitter.

Embed media like a champ

Not only can you schedule posts to release in the future you can also embed images and links into your posts.

Collaborate with your team

Allow your team members to collaborate with you.  Contributors will by default save messages as a draft and then a manager can approve them to be sent.


Work smarter, not harder!

Place your your social media content marketing on auto-pilot and focus your energy on engagement!  Try out L8TR for your content scheduling today!