About Rob

Howzit.  My name is Rob Bertholf, I am passionate about all things #Technology #Marketing related since the mid 90’s.  I have taught classes and spoke in several countries with the Air Force Software Training program, New Horizons and University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program.  My main area of expertise is web development & marketing.  I look at it from several perspectives: as an SEO I help provide insight on how to Market for Robots, as a social strategist how to Market for Humans and as an aspiring Growth Hacker on how to Market for Dollars.  Visit my marketing courses page to sign up to access all of my online webinars, worksheets and resources.

While I have had a successful web development and marketing career I am sunsetting this chapter to focus on developing and marketing my own ventures in the Software as a Service space.  Visit SaaS Ventures to learn more about my passion.

Find my personal site at Rob.Bertholf.com and my LinkedIn profile.  Bio as follows:

Rob Bertholf is the founder of SaaS Ventures, a Honolulu based firm which manages a portfolio of Software as a Service applications including BizGym and SurroundsMe.  Although Rob’s first passion is software development, his expertise expands to social media marketing, search engine optimization and conversion analysis.  A digital pioneer @Rob sent the first “Tweet” from Hawaii and continually finds ways to leverage the marketing power of the web.  Rob is a frequent lecturer for corporate and academic institutions and regularly teaches at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program.

A former Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force with 15 years programming experience Rob has written applications used at the Pentagon, has invented/patented a content management system, developed over a dozen WordPress plugins and launched over 1000 websites during his career.

He has consulted on social media strategies for organizations of all sizes including overseeing the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency’s social media campaign for the Rio+20 United Nations Summit, providing communication strategy for the City & County of Honolulu during APEC and provided strategic guidance to dozens of top local brands.

Today Rob’s focus is on Software as a Service managing an elite team of hand picked developers to build the ultimate SaaS application springboard.

While I am available for consulting at a $250/hour rate, this site will  I wanted to brain dump everything I can think of related to development and marketing here so that those who want my recommendations can find them.