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BizPitch Camp: Business Planning Workshop

Are you starting a business? Are you looking for funding to grow an existing one? Pitching an idea or company is a key skill, and there are different kinds of pitches for different audience like for those who wants fortune online using this site

  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Investor
  • Media Interview
  • more…

When you get the call, WILL YOU CHOKE? Not if you take this workshop! On Saturday, November 8th at the Protohub, BizGym and the HTDC is hosting BizPitch Camp.

At BizPitch Camp, you and your team will develop all the pitches necessary to take the mound with confidence and throw your best stuff in all circumstances. Click To Tweet



This workshop is a hands-on one-day session including:

  • Basic Training: 4 essential motions to any wicked pitch
  • 4 Rotations: 1-Hr Rotations for 4 Key Pitches
  • Practice Innings: Take the mound and practice pitching to the cohort!

Benefits & Deliverables

You’ll develop these 4 key pitches:

  • Fastball (Investor Pitch)
  • Change Up (Sales Pitch)
  • T-Ball (Interview Pitch)
  • Screwball (Advertising Pitch)

Handouts will be provided or you can work the Mission/Vision Statement Template (Free ~ just logon and signup).  Free wireless provided.


Register today on

Upgrading to Google’s Universal Analytics

If you’ve been holding off on switching your web properties to Google Universal Analytics, it’s time to get moving. “But wait,” you’re probably thinking, “Google isn’t making us switch yet, so why should I?” Well, there are a few very compelling reasons to do so. For one thing, being an early adopter is cool. Yes, UA is still in beta, but it’s already a major cut above the classic Google Analytics. By upgrading now, you can start taking advantage of a huge array of exciting new features. Here’s another thing: At a certain point, the decision will be out of your hands. Wouldn’t you rather have control?

Universal Analytics: The Basics

Universal Analytics isn’t new. Chances are that you know at least a few people who’ve made the switch already. In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard about it, it’s the new operating standard for Google Analytics. With new collection methods and reporting tools, it represents a major upgrade from the classic version. The old tracking code, ga.js, is out; the new tracking code, universal.js is in, and it’s a lot more flexible. UA is easier to implement on many levels, and the added functionality that it brings to the table is truly mind-blowing.

Learn more about Data Driven Decision-making.

Why Make the Switch Now?

Like many people, you may be reluctant to switch over to UA because it’s still in beta. Don’t let that fool you. UA is, for all intents and purposes, ready to go. No harm will come from making the switch early. It can occur, however, if you wait too long. How? Well, at a certain point, Google will do it for you, and you’re unlikely to receive any advance warning. There’s a chance that data could be lost. No one wants the fate of their site and analytics to be out of their hands, so it makes sense to be proactive about UA.

How to Switch

Have I convinced you to go ahead and migrate over to Universal Analytics? Good! You’ll be glad to know it’s just a two-step process. The two steps themselves can be handled quickly. However, it takes Google anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to complete the process. In the meantime, though, you’ll still be able to use Google Analytics, and your existing tracking code will continue to work. In other words, unlike waiting until Google makes the switch for you, you won’t run the risk of having your analytics interrupted.

Step One

The first step, so to speak, is actually a series of steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. In the admin section, you should see the option to transfer your existing GA site to UA. If you don’t see the option for a particular site, it means it’s not quite ready for UA.
  3. If you’re already using dc.js to enable GA features like the DoubleClick Campaign Manager, the option to switch to UA won’t appear, either.
  4. Warning: Wait until step one is completely processed before proceeding to step two, or you could lose data.

Step Two

Though you don’t have to right away, you’ll eventually need to change your tracking code. You’ll want to switch from the classic ga.js to the new code: universal.js. Once you do, you can upgrade to Google Tag Manager, the new tag management solution. It supports UA and helps you manage other tags too.

Reasons to Switch to UA Early

As you can see, switching from GA to UA isn’t so intimidating, after all. If you have multiple web properties, you’ll need to perform the process separately for each one. Also, once you’ve switched, there’s no going back. When you consider the following benefits, though, why would you want to?

  • Measurement Protocol – UA’s Measurement Protocol lets you send data from Google Analytics to anything that can access the Internet, including call centers, POS systems and even thermostats. More intriguingly, it lets you send extra data that can then be tied back to a web session. Imagine tracking a call and matching it to the web session that triggered it. With UA, it’s doable.
  • Custom Dimensions and Metrics – With UA, you go from getting five free custom variables to getting 20. If you’re a premium member, you go from getting 20 to getting 200. The new dimensions allow you to track just about anything, and they are now available in all reports.
  • Dimension Widening – With UA, you can now make connections between sets of information and how they relate to existing dimensions. This allows you to gain more valuable insights for how people interact with your site. It’s also a great tool for discovering which combinations work the best.
  • User IDs – A note of warning: User IDs are not available in the beta version of UA. Still, when they are rolled out, they will be quite useful. As with GA, of course, tracking personally identifiable information, or PII, is not allowed. In UA, though, you will be able to assign anonymous user IDs if and when you know them. When a visitor performs an action, the assigned user ID can be sent to UA. From there, you can view reports about how the user behaves across devices and sessions. It’s a powerful way to monitor paths to purchase and other crucial information.
  • You’ll Have to Eventually – At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Google will eventually force your site to switch to UA. To me, the most compelling reason to do it early is because it keeps you in the driver’s seat.

There’s no doubt about it: When it comes to running a profitable site with a high conversion rate, it pays to have all the information you can get. The sooner you switch to Universal Analytics, the sooner you’ll gain access to a wealth of new features, just like when you open a new feature in a video game thanks to the L2P with duo boosting. By doing it now, you can be sure that you won’t lose any data. Go ahead – take the plunge today!

WordPress version 4 – Recommended Configuration & Plugins

WordPress 4.0 just dropped, did you upgrade yet?

Favorite Settings


  • Ensure you update the tagline away from default value “Just another WordPress site”.  Consider putting your service, product type, location or similar.
  • Membership (Anyone can register): Leave this unchecked if you are not subscription/membership site.
  • Timezone: Update this to your timezone. (For Hawaii we are UTC-10)
  • Week Starts on “Sunday” not Monday


  • Mail Server


  • Front page displays:  Update this to ” A static page” and select your Homepage from the dropdown.
  • Ensure “Search Engine Visibility” is NOT checked if you are a live site.


  • “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” should be checked.


  • Common Settings > Custom Structure:  Enter in (without the quotes) “/%category%/%postname%/”


Favorite Plugins


Disqus Comment System

Centralized comments, anti spam, easy of commenting.


Jetpack by

Enhanced WordPress features.

  • Monitor: Be alerted if your site goes down.

Google Universal Analytics

I used to recommend Google Analytics by Yoast but it has been a year without him upgrading to support Google’s Universal Analytics tracking code.  So I switched to this plugin by Audrius Dobilinskas.

WordPress SEO

This will handle your XML sitemaps


Gravity Forms (Paid)

For the contact us form.

The first step in content marketing: the keyword plan

Content marketing is the key for any organization.  Before engaging in content marketing you should map out your topics and keywords.

What is Content Marketing?

Wikipedia describes it as:

A marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Too often however marketers generate inconsistent and irrelevant content which will not prove to engage their customers.  By first mapping out a keyword plan you will ensure that your content is on point and consistent.

Creating the Keyword Plan

My trick to successful content marketing is to first visualize your topics, keywords and hashtags.  The four types of keywords/key-phrases can be visualized like circles.  At the center of your topics is your branded keywords, then product/service/cause related words, then topical, then customer focused.  I will break each group down individually.

Content Marketing- Keyword Plan

Content Marketing Grid

Another way to visualize this is by placing keywords into a grid as you see below.


Each section in the grid contains keywords with a different purpose and action. Read More

Web Analytics: Data driven decision-making

Slides from my Google Analytics class:

Learn how you can optimize your marketing efforts and create a better visitor experience through data driven decision-making.  The old adage 20% of your marketing spend is working but you are not sure which 20% is no longer valid.  Leverage analytics for smarter marketing.  This tutorial walks through web analytics, setting up & configuring Google Analytics, understanding of terms and pro-tips for better performance.

Your Social Advocacy = My Consulting Time

Social Advocacy Software

Would you like me to help your company out but can’t afford $250/hour + 10 hour minimum consulting engagement? Well you are in luck! You can now use your social currency to purchase my time using using Surrounds.Me!

What is SurroundsMe?

Surrounds.Me is social advocacy software created by myself and Ann Boots.  The application was developed by the SaaS Ventures team and was part of the 1st cohort of Blue Startups.  While the application is still in Beta, we are excited to hear early feedback and test it out with the public.

Social Advocacy Software

Earn Advocacy points and cash them in for rewards on SurroundsMe

Become an advocate!

To get started earning rewards as an advocate simply register at:

You will need to connect your social media accounts.  Please note that the software will not post anything without your express permission.

Once registered you will see a dashboard with different tasks you can choose from.  Below is a screenshot showing the different types of tasks.  Simply click on the buttons to share it out through your social channels.

Get rewarded!

By completing social tasks that help me with my marketing efforts you will earn advocate points and appear on the leaderbaord.  You can redeem these points in for the following:

Rob Bertholf on SurroundsMe

Cash in points for rewards on SurroundsMe!


Upcoming Pacific New Media Classes: Fall 2014

Rob Bertholf, Instructor Pacific New Media

For the last several years I have taught at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program.  If you have not yet heard of Pacific New Media or attended one of their trainings I highly recommend doing so.

Throughout the year, Pacific New Media (PNM) presents popular classes and workshops taught by an exceptional group of nationally recognized professionals. Highly respected on an international level, the PNM program offers participants the tools they need to excel in their chosen fields. Balancing creativity with technology, PNM is the premier digital and media education center in Hawai‘i.

If you or your company are interested in learning a specific multimedia program or concept, contact Pacific New Media at 956-3422 to develop a workshop appropriate to your needs. To receive university credit, arrangements need to be made in advance with the UHM Department of Communications.

Fall 2014 Class Schedule

Be sure to register for the following upcoming classes as Pacific New Media:

Analytics: Data-Backed Recommendations for a Better Website

Info: Aug 6 & Nov 12, 2014 • Wed • 6:00-9:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Sakamaki C101 • $50

This seminar provides a foundation to understanding analytics. Learn how to check if your marketing efforts are resulting in leads and which traffic sources provide the most ROI. Attendees leave with a clear understanding of how Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools work, how their website design and layout directly effects their websites conversion rate and what tools and reports would best serve their business.

Social Media Marketing: Developing an Effective Strategy

Info: Sep 24, 2014 • Wed • 6:00-9:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Sakamaki C102 • $50

Craft a results-driven social media strategy for your business or organization. Advanced techniques allowing you to turn a social media profile into a marketing tool are introduced. Learn which social networking sites and social media tools are appropriate for reaching your target audience, as well as strategies for increasing conversion.

Social Media Marketing: Tactical Plan & Execution

Info: Sep 24-Oct 1, 2014 • Wed • 6:00-9:00pm • 2 mtgs • UHM Sakamaki C102 • $95 (SMCHI $90)

Hands-on workshop taking you through the process of executing a tactical plan for your project/business.

Social Media Measurement

Info: Oct 15, 2014 • Wed • 6:00-9:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Sakamaki C102 • $50

Is your business benefiting from your social media marketing efforts? Understand what can and should be measured to ensure you are seeing return on investment from your social campaigns. This class presents practical insights into setting up tracking for social media and determining ROI from key performance indicators most relevant to your marketing efforts. Examples, techniques and concepts of social media measurement are discussed. A basic understanding of social media and Google Analytics is recommended, but not required.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization: Maximizing Your Visibility

Info: Oct 29, 2014 • Wed • 6:00-9:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Krauss 012 • $50

Gain a foundational knowledge to effectively market to search engines by exploring how Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Marketing and Social Media Optimization tie together. Explore analytical and research tools that allow you to identify effective keywords and analyze visitor trends. Learn strategies that increase your visibility in the search engines and social media-sphere.

Recommended PNM Instructors

It is highly recommended that you check out the entire Pacific New Media catalog for other amazing classes. You will not want to miss Practical WordPress with John LeBlanc, Social Media Best practices with Gwen Woltz, Introduction to Social Media by Tara Coomans, Storytelling for Social Media by Karen Weikert, Mobile App Development with Richard Darling, Improv with Kimee Balimero, Digital Photography by David Ulrich or any of the classes by the other fantastic instructors.


Ultimate SEO Guide for 2014 and beyond

While Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing, the recommendations on how to optimize your content are consistent.  In short, stop worrying about what the search engines think and worry more about how your visitor receives your content. We will get to this subject later in the post.

If you are stumbling onto this blog and wondering what my SEO credentials are: I teach this stuff at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program and I also rank #1 in Google for the term “Search Engine Optimization Expert“. Despite a long successful career in SEO, which involves delivering results for my clients; my recommendations are to focus less on search engine manipulation and more on better content marketing tactics… but again, we will get into that subject later in the guide.  In this post I will cover the following:

  1. What is a Search Engine? (and how it works)
  2. Factors to increasing your Search Engine Authority
  3. Tools & Tactics for result oriented SEO efforts
  4. On-Page SEO
  5. Link building Tips
  6. Cleanup if you have been spammy in the past

Lets begin…

Read More

Send social media posts later with L8TR

Schedule social media posts to send later with L8TR

Create a message - L8TR

Schedule sending social messages with

Timing is everything!  This is doubly true with social media marketing and placing your message in-front of your audience at times they are consuming it.

Send from multiple social media platforms

Choose from Facebook or Twitter to send a customized message to each platform in one action.  This intuitive system will give you multiple input areas if you exceed the number of characters for twitter.

Embed media like a champ

Not only can you schedule posts to release in the future you can also embed images and links into your posts.

Collaborate with your team

Allow your team members to collaborate with you.  Contributors will by default save messages as a draft and then a manager can approve them to be sent.


Work smarter, not harder!

Place your your social media content marketing on auto-pilot and focus your energy on engagement!  Try out L8TR for your content scheduling today!