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The first step in content marketing: the keyword plan

Content marketing is the key for any organization.  Before engaging in content marketing you should map out your topics and keywords.

What is Content Marketing?

Wikipedia describes it as:

A marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Too often however marketers generate inconsistent and irrelevant content which will not prove to engage their customers.  By first mapping out a keyword plan you will ensure that your content is on point and consistent.

Creating the Keyword Plan

My trick to successful content marketing is to first visualize your topics, keywords and hashtags.  The four types of keywords/key-phrases can be visualized like circles.  At the center of your topics is your branded keywords, then product/service/cause related words, then topical, then customer focused.  I will break each group down individually.

Content Marketing- Keyword Plan

Content Marketing Grid

Another way to visualize this is by placing keywords into a grid as you see below.


Each section in the grid contains keywords with a different purpose and action. Read More

Web Analytics: Data driven decision-making

Slides from my Google Analytics class:

Learn how you can optimize your marketing efforts and create a better visitor experience through data driven decision-making.  The old adage 20% of your marketing spend is working but you are not sure which 20% is no longer valid.  Leverage analytics for smarter marketing.  This tutorial walks through web analytics, setting up & configuring Google Analytics, understanding of terms and pro-tips for better performance.

Your Social Advocacy = My Consulting Time

Social Advocacy Software

Would you like me to help your company out but can’t afford $250/hour + 10 hour minimum consulting engagement? Well you are in luck! You can now use your social currency to purchase my time using using Surrounds.Me!

What is SurroundsMe?

Surrounds.Me is social advocacy software created by myself and Ann Boots.  The application was developed by the SaaS Ventures team and was part of the 1st cohort of Blue Startups.  While the application is still in Beta, we are excited to hear early feedback and test it out with the public.

Social Advocacy Software

Earn Advocacy points and cash them in for rewards on SurroundsMe

Become an advocate!

To get started earning rewards as an advocate simply register at:

You will need to connect your social media accounts.  Please note that the software will not post anything without your express permission.

Once registered you will see a dashboard with different tasks you can choose from.  Below is a screenshot showing the different types of tasks.  Simply click on the buttons to share it out through your social channels.

Get rewarded!

By completing social tasks that help me with my marketing efforts you will earn advocate points and appear on the leaderbaord.  You can redeem these points in for the following:

Rob Bertholf on SurroundsMe

Cash in points for rewards on SurroundsMe!